The best answer will win something awesome.

It’s fun to see what supercar people would buy if they woke up tomorrow with an extra $250,000 (free and clear no string attached).

For this post let’s pretend your rich uncle Archie just left you an inheritance of $250,000 that comes with a caveat.

#1: you can only spend it on a super car or rare collectable car.
#2: you only get to use one check, so you can’t buy something and then spend the rest building/re-building something cheaper.

So you have to find the best off-the-self or already modified car. How would you spend it?

Leave your comment below on what you’d buy. (include the link, the car has to actually be for sale right now)

The most creative answer will win something mysterious but totally worth while 😉 Contest ends Saturday midnight Pacific. 


The 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider (List at $249,999) with only 1,960 Miles!!

That sounds like a steal to me. Think they’d wrap before pickup for an extra $1? Ha.

Seriously, if you don’t buy that car I will. Follow the link to read more about it.

ferrari 458 side

ferrari 458 front

ferrari 458 spider back end

ferrari 458 spider top up

Lamborghini Dallas owns the rights to these photos, I’m just trying to promote their car in hopes they get a sale.