Road To Gumball Logos

It’s hard to believe this project is already 59 days old! Officially, this project started a couple of days before as a concept and an idea. But, I decided to start the counter for the first day the site went live on November 3rd. As a way to hold myself accountable and also share with you what is taking place behind the scenes of Road to Gumball I’ll be posting a daily blog.

The first 59 days have been filled with activity. Here is a brief list of whats happened so far:

  • launched the site on a modified WordPress theme and plugins
  • started blogging about Gumball 3000 related news and content
  • started weekly vlogs, almost weekly 😉
  • setting up the backend for the Road to Gumball podcast launch for the end of January
  • setup the various social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), make sure you follow and subscribe
  • outreach to Gumballers for podcast interviews
  • a newsletter list
  • creating a brand logo
  • setup advertising channels (Facebook, Adwords)
  • found a producer and audio engineer for the RTG podcast

Here’s some of the things to come over the next few days and weeks:

  • launching the Road to Gumball podcast
  • voice over and intro music for the podcast
  • more weekly vlogs
  • road trips
  • car shows and events
  • adventures with exotic cars
  • speeding
  • lots of horsepower
  • and of course preparing for the Gumball 3000

I want this project that documents how to participate in and join the Gumball family. You can watch a full video I did the other day on the goal and vision for this site by clicking here. This is an adventure that I want all of us to ride a long for. If you have thoughts, ideas, suggestions or contacts and would like to make an introduction my email is:

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting photos and videos from the San Diego International Auto Show. Make sure you follow the Road to Gumball on Facebook and Instagram for those videos and pics.

Which of the logo colors do you like the most?

Road To Gumball Logos