On part 2 of Alejandro Salomon’s “King of the Hyper Cars” series guest and  professional race car driver James Sonfronas (@gmgracing) take on The Thermal Club’s South Palm Circuit track. The 1.8 mile track includes 7 turns with a 2,500 foot straightaway and 180-degree bend.  Watch as James pushes each of the cars to their limits. To keep things fair James has never driven any of the test cars. Who wins the circuit test? That’s a good question and one that will be revealed in episode 3. Stay tuned and follow everyone below.

Here’s the full lineup:

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Pagani Huayra

McLaren P1

Porsche 918

Ferrari LaFerrari

The question becomes, which will would you be willing to sit in for the GUMBALL 3000?

Watch Part 1 Here. Watch Part 3 Here.

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