Watch these step-by-step directions on how to do a proper burnout in a 2015 Chrysler 300s.

Do not attempt in an all wheel drive or front wheel drive car. This is only the steps for a rear wheel drive car in particular the Chrysler 300s. Burnouts can be fun and dangerous so make sure to take proper precautions and don’t do something stupid that can get you or someone else hurt.

1. Find good music
2. Find a safe place to perform, preferably a closed course with a professional driver
3. Lighten up the weight of the car, (ie. don’t fill up with four 300lbs dudes)
4. Use your left foot to control the break and your right foot on the gas.
5. Put your transmission in SPORT MODE (you can also use the manual paddle shifters if you want more control)
6. Turn off your TRACTION CONTROL
7. Start accelerating with your foot on the brake.
8. Enjoy the fast ride to nowhere
– Bonus tip: if you’re having trouble getting your tires to spin, add a little water to them. That should do the trick nicely.
– Bonus Bonus tip: have friendly conversation with police about the meaning of closed course.

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