I was wondering today if there is a West Coast Mexico to Canada Cannonball Run record? Since I basically drove the entire length of California twice last month, my first thought is that a West Coast Cannonball Run has to exist somewhere. If you know of an official or unofficial record I’ve love to hear about it.
It takes me about 10 hours exactly to drive the 710 miles from my place in San Diego to Mount Shasta, CA. You can click on this link to watch a time lapse of that drive. Now that is just a normal drive with ambition. Two pit stops and one fuel stop roughly half way. That gives us a 71 mph average.

To drive the full length of the West Coast 1,379 miles at that pace would take roughly 20.5 hrs.

I predict if there was a West Coast Cannonball Run it would be in roughly 16.5 hrs or at an 85 mph average. At least if I were to attempt, that would be my goal (and would take a lot of planning).

Let me know if you’ve heard of such a thing or if there is a record. I’d be interested in learning more about it.