Things are really starting to heat up with the podcast.

I’ve been focusing more lately on booking interviews and have secured 3 as of now. I will be recording those and sending them to edit starting next week. There are still a few things left to do before kicking those off but definitely getting close. The plan is to launch the weekly Road to Gumball podcast starting on Jan 20th.
Here are the remaining outstanding items.

  • Have the voice over artist reread the script a number of times to select the best for tempo, inflection and cadence.
  • Record the upcoming interviews with previous Gumballers.
  • Send the recording to my audio engineer (a 7 time Emmy winner!).
  • Purchase and setup the Simple Podcast Player on this site.
  • Review the Road to Gumball Soundcloud page.
  • Prepare for submission to the iTunes store for distribution.
  • Line up sponsorships for the Podcasts.

Still a lot to do, but I feel confident that I should be able to¬†complete everything by the 20th. Now that I’ve put a date on this publicly and have been forcing myself to write these daily blogs I feel more accountable to both myself and you the community.

That leaves me with two things you can help with.

  1. If you are, or know a Gumballer that I can interview send me an email:
  2. If you are looking to be in on the ground floor of sponsoring a quickly growing car enthusiast community or know someone who would, send me an email: